Skyrocketing Your Legal & Ethical Digital Marketing


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6 CME or CE Hours


This high-energy workshop will give you step-by-step instructions for legally and ethically marketing your telehealth practice. Taking a deep dive into six of the most successful digital marketing strategies available today, this program provides the nuts and bolts of developing your marketing plan to maximize opportunities for success with your online service delivery. It offers hundreds of proven-effective tips for how to strictly adhere to legal and ethical mandates. It provides clear, actionable directions for how, when, and where to:

  • Choose the most potentially profitable niche
  • Find the best and least expensive professionals to help you:
  • Create or improve your website
  • Drive traffic to your telehealth or other services
  • Develop a robust mailing list that will grow virally
  • Easily create and market an engaging ebook
  • Write a successful blog
  • Think about setting up a podcast
  • Write successful marketing copy to describe yourself and your services

Based on 28 years of experience with digital marketing for telebehavioral health, and backed with more than $30,000 of digital marketing training, TBHI is uniquely positioned to show you how to think about marketing your telehealth practice through five simple strategies. To bring this workshop to life, TBHI pulls back the curtain to show you how and why it has been successful at becoming the #1 telehealth professionals training program worldwide. This program will show you how you can these very same success strategies to maximize your efforts to recruit the largest possible telehealth audience in need of your services.

If you are one of the tens of thousands of providers or provider groups seeking to firmly establish yourself with a telehealth practice, you have come to the right place!

Some Key Questions Addressed

This unique telehealth and teletherapy marketing training program provides answers to these questions:

  • Given my particular skill set, how do I decide on the best niche?
  • What exactly do I need to market my telehealth or teletherapy services online?
  • How can I develop an effective social media campaign that is affordable, safe, and effective – yet professional?
  • How do licensing boards and professional association ethical boards think about legal and ethical issues for marketing telehealth services?
  • What are the best 21st Century, digitized advertising strategies that are not only legal and ethical but that will help me shine as a professional?
  • What is the difference between education and psychoeducational? Which is allowed over state lines by most licensing & ethical boards?
  • How can I repurpose my material to get the biggest bang for my buck while drawing potential clients and patients to my work?
  • How can I quickly, easily, and inexpensively develop short reports, webinars, continuity programs, blogs, podcasts, and social media approaches that sparkle with professionalism when I promote my services?
  • How can I avoid violating my client or patient’s privacy with credit card billing, alerts sent to mobile phones, or in social media?

Focused on practical to-do’s, this deep-dive telehealth marketing training will give you a step-by-step discussion of six key legal and ethical strategies to skyrocket your telehealth or teletherapy practice. You will hear professionals just like you get direct answers to pivotal questions that may be preventing you from optimizing your efforts.

Six, 1-Hour Training Segments

  • Identifying Your Optimal Niche Focus
  • Understanding Fundamentals of Behavioral Legal & Ethical Marketing
  • Optimizing Your Website
  • Developing Webinars & Podcasts for Maximum Profit
  • Developing eBooks Audio Books, Kindles, and More for Maximum Profit
  • Profiting from Legal & Ethical Affiliate Programs