The Faculty

  • Marlene M. Maheu, Ph.D

  • Myron L. Pulier, MD

  • Joseph McMenamin, MD, JD

201C – Legal/Ethical Issues I: Rules, Regs & Risk Management

6 CE Hours

Course Description

This course begins as an in depth review of what’s happening with both mental health care and coaching online. Relevant rules, regulations and risk management strategies are then reviewed to develop solutions for common problems and dilemmas that can be worrisome to both licensed and unlicensed practitioners online. Licensing requirements are examined from multiple perspectives.

Course Objectives

  • Name 10 things you can immediately implement to manage risk in your online practice
  • Discuss the special relevance of HIPAA to telemental health care
  • Contrast “clinical guidelines” and “security guidelines.”
  • Discuss two ethical standards that might be violated by online psychological testing
  • Describe how to best take advantage of the special protections given to “psychotherapy notes.”
  • Identify 1 way a colleague receiving your referral can inadvertently put you at risk
  • Explain the documentation you need to get from vendors selling you telemental health equipment
  • Define privacy, confidentiality & security as they each pertain to telemental health care
  • Describe licensure issues regarding providing telemental health care across state boundaries
  • Explain whether or not video needs to be HIPAA compliant
  • Define a “covered entity” according to HIPAA
  • Describe which ethical code issue comes into question when professionals use 5-star rating systems on websites
  • Discuss how to think about selecting legal counsel for telehealth work
  • Explain how initial contact by email with a new prospective patient can be hazardous
  • Name one way you can unwittingly void your malpractice liability insurance coverage with online practice


  • Ethical Foundations
  • Standards
  • Privacy Protections
  • Patient Rights
  • Regulations
  • Selecting Legal Counsel
  • A Risk Management Checklist

Required Reading

All readings are provided as part of your coursework at no added fee.

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