The Faculty

  • Marlene M. Maheu, Ph.D.

  • Myron L. Pulier, M.D.

  • Joseph McMenamin, M.D., J.D.

TMHI Certification

TMHI Certification will give you the command of best practices and clinical expertise to feel confident that you can handle yourself and your clients/patients, and especially when handling emergencies.

You’ll have access to evidence-based best practices that are distilled to minimize your time and maximize your efforts at implementation. You’ll have the opportunity to understand standards and guidelines currently made available by our leading national associations, and be given a handy one-page checklist of guideline “to-do’s” to keep your practices in full compliance.

TMHI Certification Program (Program includes 43 CEs or 40 CMEs. Also available without CEs or CMEs for $1,675)

TMHI Certification

You’ll enjoy an insider’s view of how to set up your office, how to choose and get comfortable with HIPAA-compliant equipment and services, including video, email, and cloud storage services. You’ll have hands-on video tutorials to explain your choices with cameras, speakers, video monitors; which features to consider when selecting vendors; how to educate your client/patient before starting; how to set up and deliver your opening session protocols and informed consent discussions, and much more. You will be given essential information about licensing, HIPAA, HITECH, informed consent, referrals and documentation. This program will give you the tools to be comfortable, relaxed and successful as a true professional when using telemental health in any of its forms as telepsychiatry, telepsychology, online therapy, or distance counseling.

Webinars and Other Support Services


Certificate Programs

Your TMHI Consultant will guide you in applying video-based, telemental health models and interventions as well as to develop specialty niche with consumers of all types. There will be ample opportunity to ask questions and receive input about all phases of working with technology for behavioral care, from assessment and treatment planning, through selecting clients and patients and implementing appropriate technology to marketing to develop specialty niches. If you work with insurance companies as payers, online provider panels, in a small group or independent practice, your Consultant will be specifically chosen to help guide you through relevant regulatory issues and marketplace strategies.

  • You will be assigned a consultant after enrollment into the TMHI Certification Program.
  • Your consultation usually takes place over the phone or video.
  • One hour of individual consultation with your consultant is necessary to meet Certification requirements. Monthly group tele-consults are available for up to three years from enrollment as you move through the developmental process needed for comfortable and responsible competence as a telepractitioner.
  • You will be required asked to submit two, three-minute video segments for review prior to your consultation with your consultant.
  • No continuing education credit is available for consultation hours.

Video Review

You will be asked to send two videotaped segments of yourself delivering two samples of your work using a video recording platform of your choice. Videos are NOT to include interaction with any real clients or patients. Our only requirements are that you demonstrate your ability to:

  1. Deliver an “opening protocol” to start each of your your video sessions that demonstrates your understanding of best practices related to licensure, documentation, reimbursement and privacy/confidentiality requirements as well as any clinical issues specific to the population(s) you treat. Video is not to exceed more than three minutes.
  2. Develop an emergency plan and role play for how you would handle imminent danger of suicide for any client/patient of your choosing. Skills to be evaluated include: how and when to obtain local emergency contacts; where such information will be recorded; details of how and under which circumstances you will contact such support services or personnel; how you will inform your client/patient of contact with support personnel. Video is not to exceed more than 10 minutes.

During the “video review” portion of your private consultation hour, you will be given feedback on the videos you will have submitted. You can relax because this if just for your benefit and there is no pass/fail criteria if you are a licensed or otherwise credentialed professional. Rather, the experience is designed to quickly and efficiently give you direct feedback in a way that will maximize your competency and lead you to be able to handle even the most urgent of issues that can arise online.

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