Sponsoring Groups and Comments

Scan the names of the host organizations for Dr. Maheu’s live keynotes/training/speaking services.
  • Active Communications International
  • Albert Einstein School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry
  • American Association of State and Provincial Licensing Boards
  • American Association of State Counseling Boards
  • American College Counseling Association
  • American Counseling Association
  • American Mental Health Counselors Association
  • American Psychological Association
  • American Society of Addiction Medicine
  • American Telemedicine Association
  • Arizona State University
  • Association of Social Work Boards
  • Atlanta Center for Cognitive Therapy
  • Behavioral Healthcare Tomorrow 2000
  • Behavioral Health Information Management
  • Behavioral Informatics Tomorrow
  • California Association for Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors
  • California Institute for Behavioral Health Solutions
  • California Psychological Association
  • California Southern University
  • California Telehealth Network
  • Cincinnati Academy of Professional Psychology
  • Coalition for Technology in Behavioral Science College of Alberta Psychologists
  • Community for Psychologists in Independent Practice (APA Division 42)
  • Continuing Medical Education Associates, Inc.
  • Department of Defense
  • Digital Health Innovations
  • Employee Assistance Roundtable
  • Encinitas Medical Specialty Clinic
  • Georgia Psychological Association
  • Goodtherapy.org
  • The Guidance Center
  • Healthcare Unbound
  • Idaho Counseling Association
  • Integrated Healthcare
  • International Congress of Applied Psychology, Telehealth
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Lorman Institute
  • Medtrade
  • Mental Health Pros
  • Michigan Psychological Association
  • Minnesota Psychological Association
  • Moscow Cyber Mental Health Support and Assistance
  • National Association of Social Workers – Ohio Chapter
  • National Behavioral Health Information Management Conference
  • National Center for Telehealth & Technology
  • National Council on Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity
  • National Summit on Interpersonal Violence & Abuse
  • NFAR ATTC Behavioral Health Technology Summit
  • Northwest Regional Telehealth Resource Center
  • Ohio Psychological Association
  • Ontario Psychological Association
  • Open Minds Information Technology Institute
  • Oregon Psychological Association
  • Pioneer Development Resources, Inc.
  • Plymouth State University’s Eating Disorders Institute
  • Polycom
  • Psychoanalytic Center/San Diego
  • Psychotherapy Networker
  • San Diego Psychoanalytic Society
  • San Diego Psychological Association
  • School of Behavioral Sciences, University of Southern California
  • Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality
  • Southern Arizona Psychological Association
  • Tarzana Treatment Centers
  • Therapy Sites Academy
  • The Samaritan Institute
  • Tuskegee University, Department of Social Work
  • US Journal Training, Inc.
  • West Virginia Licensed Professional Counselors Association
  • Workplace Collaborative

Participants Comments

“On behalf of the Behavioral Health Information Technologies & Standards (BHITS) team, please accept our profound thanks for your thought-provoking and very comprehensive presentation! I/we are extremely pleased with the outcome. Thank you so much for being such an enthusiastic and knowledgeable expert. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with you on this endeavor!”

Alan Moghul
Ph.D, Associate, Division of Health & Environment | ABT Associates

“We were honored to have Dr. Maheu as our keynote for our annual conference. Her delivery is precise and engaging. Her knowledge is immense and helpful. Her passion is genuine and contagious!”

Kendal M. Tucker
Past-President of the Idaho Counseling Association

“Dr. Maheu is a true expert and joy to work with. Her presentation was informative and valuable to our audience”

Jackie Passamani
Healthcare Training Leader

Comment about Marlene Maheu PhD from Active Communications International’s First National Conference on Implementing, Advancing and Expanding Telemedicine Programs and Services, Orlando, FL:

“Thank you for your presentation at ACI’s First National Conference on “Implementing, Advancing and Expanding Telemedicine Programs and Services” in Orlando, Florida! Our attendees were incredibly impressed by your presentation! They noted that it was “a nice overview to start the conference,” you were “very knowledgeable,” and “warm and receptive.” You offered an “incredible discussion on the Telemental Health model,” and the attendees didn’t want your presentation to end! Additionally, some noted that you contributed greatly to the event’s atmosphere during the following days, and we really appreciate your contributions all around!”

Tracey Harris

Comment from the College of Alberta Psychologists’ Annual Professional Development Day, Calgary, Alberta, Canada:

“We as a College were in search of a keynote speaker for our Annual Professional Development Day with expertise in telepsychology and social media for psychologists. Dr. Maheu’s name came with glowing recommendations for her depth of knowledge, proven experience, and dynamic presentation skills. She did not disappoint. The associated materials and references were based on considerable and current research. Not unexpectedly the response to Dr. Maheu’s presentations from our attendees was overwhelmingly positive.”

Aaron Block
M.Ed., R. Psych., Assistant Deputy Registrar and Director of Professional Guidance

Comments from the Idaho Counseling Association in response to Dr. Marlene Maheu’s Workshops:

Legal and Ethical Strategies for Successful Distance Counseling
• Excellent.
• Absolutely relevant and on target. Very timely.
• Thank you for a great presentation. I feel much more prepared for some of the upcoming changes to the field.
• Thank you!
• Excellent presentation and information. Thank you!
• Great information. Very effective presentation.
• Great job! Many questions answered.
• I think this was an excellent break out because this is the direction the world is going.
• An awesome seminar – well organized, knowledgeable – fantastic speaker!
• Rocked! Best ever! Thank you!
• Nice to actually LEARN something.
• Excellent presentation! A lot of useful information.
• Interesting – and I will be contacting you soon, re: caregiver help.
• Really made me think I will apply what I’ve learned.
• Great presentation!
• Loved the detail and the interaction. No questions left unanswered.
• Future of counseling interesting.

Create Passive Income with Online Self-Help Products
• Foundational information. Tailored exactly to what I am thinking.
• Even better – definitely want more of her contact and info.
• Great resources are given throughout. Very helpful. Thank you for providing a thumb drive with PowerPoint slides. This will come in handy when I need the info for my future practice.
• Loved this – I’m now very excited to get started!
• Appreciated your knowledgeable responses.
• Great info, making complicated processes – a little more understandable.
• Excellent.
• It’s a “lot” of new info – trying to catch up – it’s exciting.
• Thank you for providing a thumb drive and PP. Great help for overcoming the time crunch. Great info!
• Great training – exactly the kind of information I was hoping for. Helped me to generate a lot of ideas. Thank you.
• Wonderful – lots of info, Great presenter.
• Awesome topic and presenter an expert.
• I needed more advanced strategies/info, the presenter has that info.
• Really enjoyed and very helpful. Marlene inspired me.

What the Telehealth.org Community Is Saying

See what your colleagues are saying about Telehealth.org and its leadership.

Dr. Maheu is psychology’s Telehealth visionary, leading our colleagues through professional training in ethics and innovative technologies since the mid-90’s.

Pat DeLeon, PhD, MPH, JD

Former President, American Psychological Association

Telehealth.org provided invaluable research and consultation to help us develop innovative telebehavioral solutions for one of our fortune 100 Hi-Tech clients. We were very impressed as were our clients.

Kevin Host, LICSW

Senior Director Enterprise Services

Marlene is a true innovator in bringing technology to the mental health field. Her books are a must and I recommend them to my students.

Dale Masi, PhD

President/CEO – Masi Research Consultants Inc

For nearly 20 years Marlene has been the leader in thought, training and advocacy regarding the impact of technology on mental health professions.

Donna Ford, MA

Former President, American Counseling Association

Telehealth.org provides all of the essential training needed. Courses are unsurpassed, unique and contain everything one needs to know in order to start practicing. Upon completing this training, a provider is “ready to go.”

Timothy Lacey, MD

Former Chief Of Telehealth For The US Air Force Surgeon General

I wanted to establish a task force on ‘new media,’ but only if Marlene Maheu, a long-time leader in telepsychology, would agree to be its chair. She did, and the task force exceeded my highest hopes.”

Ellen Cole, PhD

Former President, Society for the Psychology of Women, American Psychological Association