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Large Mix of Professionals for Your Sales Funnel

Large Mix of Professionals for Your Sales Funnel

Our audience members include decision-makers from hospitals, clinics, agencies, foundations and universities, along with group and individual practitioners.  
We create the perfect sales funnel for you.

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  • Suggest Your Own! is the leading national group on the application of psychology in telehealth, online services and use of new technologies to support and expand your practice.

James Bray, PhD Past President, American Psychological Association, Associate Professor at Baylor College of Medicine provided invaluable research and consultation to help us develop innovative telebehavioral solutions for one of our fortune 100 Hi-Tech clients. We were very impressed as were our clients.

Kevin Host, LICSW
Senior Director, Enterprise Services
MindSpring is a true innovator in bringing technology to the mental health field. 

Dale Masi, PhD

President/CEO, Masi Research Consultants

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Webinar Sponsorships

Behavioral organizations and providers trust TBHI to guide them on professional development and software choices. Our free webinars typically generate 1,000+ registrations per 365 days. Live, free events can generate an audience of 250-600 registrations.

    • Audience members are often looking for which technology to use safely and without hassle.
    • They represent an interprofessional group of decision-makers and clinicians, with 98% licensed professionals in the US specializing in addictions, behavior analysis, counseling, marriage and family, medicine, primary care, nursing, nurse practice, physician assistants, psychology, psychiatry, and social work.
    • Many of our registrants are key decision-makers in their workplaces and have sizeable budgets to bring behavioral healthcare into the 21st Century.
    • Many are avid readers of our newsletters, which have a 34% average open rate. Of the 18M newsletter sent in the last 12 months, 6M were opened.
    • Participants are also looking for new job opportunities in telehealth.
    • Private Workshops Available after Webinars to Showcase Your Products



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