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Talkspace review, Teletherapy companyTeletherapy company Talkspace announced Monday that president and chief operating officer Mark Hirschhorn had resigned. The surprising turn of events for this heavily investor-funded company follows an internal review of Hirschhorn’s conduct. In a press release, Talkspace described Hirschhorn’s resignation as effective immediately. They also explained that the company’s executive team would handle his responsibilities. This Talkspace review for professionals examines this Mark Hirschhorn resignation in light of news related to Talkspace’s primarily text-based interventions over time and asks you, the reader, to share your thoughts and experience of Talkspace or another text-based, consumer behavioral service.

Context of Mark Hirschhorn’s Invovlement with Talkspace

Hirschhorn was hired by Talkspace in February 2020 after resigning from Teladoc Health in 2018, shortly after the Southern Investigative Reporting Foundation released a report alleging he had given stock tips to an employee with whom he was having an affair. Teledoc investors had filed a class-action lawsuit against Teladoc, Hirschhorn, and the company’s CEO. The investors alleged insider trading and that the employee in question had received undeserved promotions. 

Teladoc denied the insider trading allegations, saying its investigation had only found violations of its workplace relationship policy. The case was dismissed in late September. 

Other Talkspace Resignations Last Week

The Hirschhorn Talkspace resignation came a week after Talkspace’s co-founders stepped down from their positions at Talkspace.  CEO Oren Frank, and head of clinical services Roni Frank will remain as Strategic Advisors to the Board for the next six months.

Talkspace Profitability?

Before delving into a Talkspace review from the perspective of the licensed professional, let’s glance at the numbers to see what’s happening: text-based therapy is big business. Talkspace went public in June of 2021. Last week, Talkspace also announced its financial report for the quarter ended Sept. 30, with $26.4 million in net revenue, a 23% year-over-year increase. However, Talkspace’s adjusted earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) show a loss of $20.8 million. Nonetheless, according to Rock Health’s quarterly report,  the company has collected an astounding $3.1 billion in investor dollars in 2021 alone.

It may interest the reader to know that up to one-third of a traditional startup’s operating budget is often allocated to marketing and advertising. It is conceivable then that with perhaps a billion dollars of advertising (more or less), a company can position itself in many of the world’s key digital venues to successfully attract consumers. While it is impossible to know how much Talkspace spends on marketing and advertising, it is easy to see at least some of the results. Try searching any of the Talkspace article titles mentioned below without the link. Just copy and paste the title into any search engine. Notice what comes up first. Those first entries are purchased, often at high rates. 

Talkspace Reviews by Professionals

As with many teletherapy company startups staffed by behavioral health industry “disruptors,” Talkspace began its current reign by creating a negative stir. Consider these publications and the reliability of their sources:

Do You Have A Comment?

We invite you, the reader, to give your Talkspace review below. If you have worked as a clinician for Talkspace, BetterHelp, or any other primarily text-based teletherapy platform, what has been your experience? If you aren’t sure what to mention, imagine that your licensing Board is currently scrutinizing your work, intake, treatment protocol, documentation, and termination. Would they say that you have been operating legally and ethically? Would they look at the evidence base and decide that, indeed, you are on solid ground? (Feel free to use a nickname or initials of you to post. Your email address will not be revealed to the public.)

1 The discerning reader will also note the APA’s article links to TBHI’s bibliography of research, here: bibliography format by the Telemental Health Institute, TBHI’s previous company name. The Institute is also linked at the bottom of the page as a resource.

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