TBHI Job Opportunities

If you have skills and are interested in helping us grow, please apply for one or more positions below. All positions will be starting on October 1, when assignments will be given. All interviews and contracts are being processed now. Get your application in early and send your qualified colleagues!

Subject Matter Experts – Stipend Available. Telehealth subject matter experts are needed for approximately 2 meetings per month of 1 – 2 hours each for 6 months. In addition the experts are needed to work off-line in collaboration with other subject matter experts approximately 5 to 10 hours each month for 6 months. Meeting dates and times will be decided once committee members are selected, but please be aware that involvement will require reliability, diligence and scheduling flexibility. All SMEs must have at least 2 peer-reviewed journal articles or text-books in telehealth, mHealth, or another aspect of technology-driven behavioral health, along with at least some telehealth clinical experience.

Training Planner Committee Members – Stipend Available. Graduates of TBHI’s Level II Micro Certification Program or earlier advanced TBHI training designations are invited to review TBHI training materials on a monthly basis. Preference will be given to professionals with documented CME or CE approval process experience. Meetings will be held late morning Pacific time and will start at on September 16. Subsequent dates and times will be decided once committee members are selected.

Staff Editors. Paid Positions. Two editors are sought for a six-month project for transcript editing, journal article editing, training material editing, and more.  Editors will be expected to be team-players, available to attend video-based team meetings on a weekly basis, and experienced with using technology such as Grammarly to enhance performance. Preference will be given to retired professionals with a history of writing/editing experience. Submit three writing samples with application materials described below.

Blog Post Writers – Paid Positions. Two writers are sought for a permanent project to write telehealth-related blog posts. The writer must have at least two years of experience in SEO writing, a command of the fundamental telehealth content areas reflected in TBHI legal and ethical compliance training. Only TBHI Level II graduates need to apply. Writers must be able to deliver written pieces of approx 400 words within 24-48 hours, demonstrate their SEO acumen in telehealth by offering a variety of possible SEO terms prior to finalizing submissions, be team-players. Topics, source documents, and keyword ranking tools to be supplied by TBHI. Submit three sample blog posts with application materials described below.

Beta-Testers –  Volunteer Position. If you have a keen understanding of the sensibilities and values of your professional community, TBHI would greatly appreciate your help with developing new materials to assist our community! This task is unstructured and involves occasionally reviewing web pages and other materials.

If you are interested in any of the positions above, please email a cover letter naming the project that interests you, outlining your interest, previous experience related to the task, your curriculum vita, and details of your availability to: contact@telehealth.org. Incomplete applications will be disregarded. An engagement interview and two letters of recommendation for each position will be required.

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