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Telebehavioral State Requirements: Is there a place that lists all state requirements for licensed telemental health, substance use and telebehavioral health professionals, or do you have to search each state?

telebehavioral state requirementsHere’s such a resource for psychologists, just to give you an idea of the factors that were relevant at its latest revision: Telepsychology 50-State Review. The Center for Connected Health Policy has a federally funded document that is available for free at this address. The American Telemedicine Association also compiled a 50-state “report card” of telemental health laws as well. Rene Quashie and Amy Lerman compiled a specialized document that summarized the results of a survey for telemental health laws in particular (2016). Titled, 50-State Survey on Telemental Health Laws in the United States, the survey shows trends as well as specifics of state laws for the discipline.

Other lists have been complied by private groups, but TBHI cautions against use of such lists without knowledge of the date of their last revision. States are in rapid flux with regard to telehealth issues. Even a review of legal issues that is a year old may be woefully out of date.

In addition to the above, you may want to ask your professional association’s Ethics Office for a document compiling all relevant telemental and telebehavioral state laws. In the absence of such a resource for your discipline, you may want to search each state you wish to enter, as well as your own. Just be mindful that laws are changing quickly and any listing will need to be updated regularly. (If you create such a list, be sure to let us at TBHI know about it!)

For more information about state law and telemental or telebehavioral health, see Telebehavioral Health Related Court Cases.

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