TBHI Excellence in Telehealth Award Application

Thank you for your interest in complete the TBHI Excellence in Telehealth Award application. Please review the submission application details and start your entry below.


All TBHI Excellence in Telehealth Award submissions will be posted in a TBHI blog and social media, where blog readership will be asked to register and vote on all submissions.

  • 25% — Legal & Ethical Compliance
  • 25% — Delivery by at Least One “TBHI Certified Practitioner”
  • 25% — Narrative Description of at Least One Significant Lesson Learned
  • 25% — Program Outcome Data

Submit Your TBHI Excellence in Telehealth Award Application

Submissions will be posted for review and voting within 5 business days of receipt, in the order received, anytime during the entry period.

Download the TBHI Media & Intellectual Property Agreement here and upload it on the form below.

Answer these questions with no more than 200 words for each question.

Provide a brief history of your project: start date, goal, funding source, population served, number of clinicians involved and number of patients involved.
Provide full citations and links to abstracts for at least three empirically-based studies whose results influenced your program development. Describe at least three ways each study's findings were incorporated into your program or project design. Include any URLs that give more information regarding your evidence-base. For example, name the theoretical body of evidence and/or include the leading researcher for that scientific body of knowledge (such as Marsha Linehan for Dialectic Behavioral Therapy). Distinguish between an evidence-base for the underlying concept (e.g., DBT, Mindfulness, CBT) and your program. If your program has not been empirically validated with two or more replicated feasibility studies with different populations, please state that clearly.
Name and describe treatment outcome measurement tools utilized, frequency of outcome measure administration, and results over at least 1 year. Do not include Protected Health Information (PHI). Upload all appropriate data to support your narrative description.
List at least three legal/ethical requirements for professionals in your organization and how you have met those requirements in your project/program. For example, if you wish to use the requirement for having professionals be licensed at the originating site, explain your policy for dealing with clients/patients who present themselves for treatment when they are not in the legally appropriate state.
Name at least one lesson that you've learned about proving excellent telehealth services. Describe an initial dilemma, solutions found, personnel and/or services involved and lessons learned.
Describe how your training in TBHI has helped at least one professional with your program setup and/or delivery. Please provide the name of that professional for verification purposes.

Upload the signed TBHI Media & Intellectual Property Agreement (The one mentioned above).

Upload 3 photos of your program-at-work.


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