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Paperwork Automation | Telemedicine | Engagement | Satisfaction – #1 Customer Rated Workflows For Telemedicine And Paperwork Automation. Mend Can Connect To Patients Anytime, Anywhere, And With Any Device Through Messaging, Video, or Forms.

Mend Has Engagement Rates As High As 98.38% And Video Connection Rates As High As 99.85%

Mend Has Automation Technology To Integrate With Any EHR, PMS, or Other Systems.

Approximately 50% Of Our Newest Customers Have Been Converts From Other Systems.

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The program is very user-friendly and extremely easy to navigate through. Very easy executing tasks, automatic reminders sent to patients and sessions never time out. Customer Support is always available to troubleshoot any problems or issues that occur. The only thing that I could say that I like least about the software is that it wasn’t available sooner.
Angelica | April 13, 2018
Mend is a valuable asset to both our clinicians and clients. Ease of use! Both our clinicians and our clients report the software is user-friendly. The mobile app is great for clients who do not have access to a traditional computer.
Lauren | April 13, 2018
Very intuitive system, easy to use. I LOVE the live chat option for customer service, rather than having to email or call an automated phone number. After a quick 45 minute online training, I was able to begin using successfully almost immediately with very few questions.
Leah | April 13, 2018
Excellent high quality and very convenient. easy to schedule and register patients, and the ‘help’ option is great and very responsive get stuck while registering someone.
Priya | April 10, 2018
We are very satisfied with this product so far. We are blown away with the responsiveness of our Mend implementation team. They have gone out of their way to customize the product for our specific needs and to train our staff as requested. We anticipate a reduction in our no-show rate.
Carol | April 10, 2018
While at work, my daycare sent me a picture of a rash that my daughter developed quickly. I was an hour away and worried. Because my pediatrician uses Mend, I knew I could send him a picture and see what he thought. In under 5 minutes, my pediatrician was able to make a diagnosis and e-scribe a prescription cream to my pharmacy. I didn't have to leave work, I didn't have to make an appointment, and my worries were immediately relieved!
Sally | April 9, 2018
It’s great that I can use it on the computer, tablet and/or iPhone. I’ve used all different modalities and usually find iPhone or tablet works great though I do need the computer for complete functionality. The experience is the closest to a life-like face to face call — there’s no time delay and the image is quite stable for the most part. If I use my iPhone my patients tell me they see me looking directly at them. I love the fact that when my patients travel or when there are snow days I can still “see” them.
Carolyn | April 9, 2018
McKenzie | April 9, 2018
Mend has allowed us to see twice as many patients in an hour and our patients love the convenience!
John | April 9, 2018
I just wanted to let you guys know that I LOVE MEND. I have had a very busy day today, and by using Mend for my paperwork I have saved so much time. I scheduled my patients for today using the typical time management I normally would, and I found myself with down time between each patient. Normally I am scrambling to get everything done on days like this, but it has been a breeze. The patients have mentioned how much they enjoy it as well.
Sarah | April 9, 2018

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