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Company claims HIPAA compliance and offers Business Associate Agreement
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Used this for almost a year as well and they are excellent. Only occassionaly loss of contacts and funky connections which usually resolve after a few minutes. And it’s all FREE! Amazing company. Emailed once with CEO and he really cares about us small professionals and keeping service free for us.



September 10, 2018

I’ve been using for about 8 months. It’s super easy to use, and the mobile app is very convenient for clients who want to talk to me in the middle of a sheep pasture. Sometimes the signal isn’t so good, but I suspect it is the internet, not the software. I like the fact that I can just send people a link and they can just use a browser, rather than having to download software on their computer, like a peer to peer solution. I understand some of it pitfalls of going through a provider, but with a BAA, it shouldn’t be a problem. Getting paid through the app would be nice; and maybe that’s possible, but I’m not aware of it. For my purposes, it really is great!

Pam Eaken, LMFT


May 13, 2018

Dr. Howard Chusid


February 5, 2018

Free, easy for me and my clients, and it has been reliable for more than a year. Highly recommended.

Tom McCabe, MA, LPC


September 20, 2017

I also share Dr. Anderson's review. I like that you don't have to pay for a Business Agreement and the software is free for solo practitioners.


September 20, 2017

I’ve been using for a year and so far I like the simplicity and ease of use for my patients. I like that there is no software to download and you don’t need any special hardware.

Dr. Anderson


October 5, 2016

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