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Welcome to the Telebehavioral Health Institute’s Buyer’s Guide to Other Telehealth Services. This is a list of companies with services related to telehealth, telebehavioral health, telemental health, telepratice, telemedicine, telepsychiatry, telepsychology, telepsych, distance counseling, digital health, eHealth, e-health, connected health, etherapy, e-therapy, telenursing, virtual therapy, online therapy, or any other forms of electronic health.

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Global Teletherapy
Global Teletherapy delivers high-quality online speech therapy, occupational therapy, and mental health services, unconstrained by distance or time. Let your school experience The Global Difference™ our hand-selected therapists provide to your K-12 students with superior therapy and legendary customer service.
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KoolMD – Online Medical Consultant
Advanced Telehealth Solutions For Online Doctor Consultation & Prescriptions
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Mindinventory offers highly scalable & efficient healthcare app development services for healthcare industry including hospital, clinics, pharmacy and laboratories. We develop custom HIPAA compliant web and mobile solutions. Contact our experts for mHealth solutions.
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MTech Mobility
Secure, full-service, on-demand management services for mobile devices of any kind to support remote patient care for healthcare plans, providers and technology vendors.

MTech Mobility offers industry leading, comprehensive managed services for the emerging Telehealth industry. MTech’s focus on safety and data privacy is at the core of its ability to securely and safely deploy, recover, cleanse and manage devices for remote healthcare initiatives. Healthcare plans and providers turn to MTech to handle a range of activities, including device configuration and deployment, 24x7x365 direct-to-end-user helpdesk support, device retrieval, triage and cleansing, asset recovery, device repair and redeployment. All MTech services are governed by strict procedures and tools to maximize device sanitization, decontamination and data privacy, including erasure in line with the HIPAA Security Rule.

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myHealth, myCare, myLife
We set out to create a patient-centric, interoperable, value-based system of care connecting the public and private sectors. Our mission is to improve access, communication, delivery, and coordinated care for patients. Our vision is to connect care, reduce costs, and improve health for patients throughout the United States.
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Oxagile logo
Oxagile provides custom healthcare software development services to health systems, hospitals, clinics, assisted living facilities, and other providers. We develop custom HIPAA compliant solutions.
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PixelPlex Logo
PixelPlex software development company is an accomplished team of proficient developers with expertise in diverse technology stack. Serving our clients since 2007 we have delivered over 300 state-of-the-art solutions for businesses of all sizes — from startups to governmental institutions and Fortune 500 companies.
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Svitla Systems is a proven software development company and testing provider headquartered in Silicon Valley.
We have solid experience in custom healthcare software development projects.
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Valuecodrs provide professional healthcare app development teams to global businesses who build cost-effective, compliance fit and scalable applications. Our range of healthcare app development solutions include apps for disease-symptom check, fitness monitoring, homecare tips, hospital locating and more. We develop custom HIPAA compliant solutions.
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