HIPAA-Compliant VideoAs leaders in risk-management for telebehavioral / telemental health (i.e., telepsychiatry, telepsychology, online therapy, distance counseling, telenursing, telespeech pathology), the Telebehavioral Health Institute is delighted to bring you a list of names and links to video companies which claim to meet federal government standards for privacy and security.

Please note: In the US, for example, HIPAA is the federal law that requires that clinicians, the “covered entities”, use technology that is complaint with its standards. Clinicians also need to be compliant with all other relevant state, provincial and federal laws (such as the HITECH Act). Providers in other countries must be compliant with relevant laws in the countries whose citizens they serve. For more information about these issues, you may want to consider taking TBHI courses or webinars to be sure you have mastered needed competencies related to legal, ethical and clinical risk-management issues before using any technology to serve clients or patients who rely on your professionalism.

TheraPlatform is a secure and HIPAA compliant video conferencing platform allowing therapists to connect with their clients online and conduct interactive therapy. TheraPlatform offers flexible plans and pricing starting from $20 a month with unlimited number of sessions. We offer free 30 day trial.
Company claims HIPAA compliance and offers Business Associate Agreement
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#1 Mend
Paperwork Automation | Telemedicine | Engagement | Satisfaction – #1 Customer Rated Workflows For Telemedicine And Paperwork Automation. Mend Can Connect To Patients Anytime, Anywhere, And With Any Device Through Messaging, Video, or Forms.

Mend Has Engagement Rates As High As 98.38% And Video Connection Rates As High As 99.85%

Mend Has Automation Technology To Integrate With Any EHR, PMS, or Other Systems.

Approximately 50% Of Our Newest Customers Have Been Converts From Other Systems.


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