2MI Software Solutions, Inc
2Mi Software Solutions develops and offers a full suite of cloud-based applications targeting a number of verticals who require secure, high quality, HIPAA compliant video communications. VPCare360 is perfect for Mental Health Clinicians and Practices who want to add Teletherapy to their services.
Iris Telehealth
Iris Telehealth was founded with the goal of creating a more patient-friendly telemedicine company that is able to quickly adapt to an organization’s needs. We are a fast-growing company with access to clinicians licensed in most states conducive to telemedicine. We have earned a reputation for having outstanding customer service and the ability to establish a customized telemedicine program without any hassle. Our clinicians have expertise in delivering quality telepsychiatry services and we value building strong professional relationships with our partners and their staff. We hold our team to the highest clinical and ethical standards and always focus on doing what is right for each and every individual we help treat. Iris believes that everyone deserves access to mental health services – and we are proud to help provide this care wherever it is needed! For California-specific information, please visit
LifeMD Telemedicine
LifeMD is a comprehensive telemedicine company with a proprietary platform that delivers a fully integrated telehealth solution to connect physicians, medical providers, pharmacists, and patients in real time. Patients can use the LifeMD telehealth platform to connect with a provider in real-time. The platform enables providers to diagnose, treat and even prescribe medications that can be sent to a local pharmacy of the patient’s choice electronically. The LifeMD telehealth program is designed to provide access to quality care at an affordable price using its network of medical providers and telehealth systems. In addition, the LifeMD platform’s simple graphical user interface enables patients to connect with a provider seamlessly from anywhere and anytime using a PC/Laptop or mobile device.
HIPAA & PHIPA compliant telemedicine platform and workflow designed for clinicians to help improve care delivery, accessibility, productivity, scalability and outcomes. And – your clients get accessibility, convenience and choice of how and when they wish to meet with you.

High quality, secure, encrypted audio/video online appointments, scheduling, screen sharing, note taking, invoicing, payments, recording, practice calendar syncing…and more. All in one integrated platform. No clumsy downloads or IT resources required. Compatible with most browsers and devices.

Finally a virtual care solution that has been designed first and foremost for mental health clinicians and their clients – to improve care, accessibility, convenience and outcomes.

PatientClick provides Psychiatry practices with customized EHR, practice management, telemedicine, and medical billing solutions.
Videxio enables reliable, secure video meetings and calls from anywhere in the world.
Videxio enables secure, reliable video meetings and calls from anywhere in the world.
Regroup Therapy
Regroup Therapy provides virtual staffing of psychiatrists and therapists into clinical settings experiencing shortages or seeking a more flexible approach to managing their behavioral health capacity. We also provide clinicians in private practice with free use of our secure, HIPAA-compliant video platform, which has been optimized for the unique requirements of mental health care.

We draw from a network of 2,500+ providers to staff psychiatrists and therapists based on your specific clinical needs (e.g., areas of specialization, schedule, language skills). Regroup clinicians are then fully integrated into your existing systems, processes, and patient experience — meaning that for each visit, the patient sees their Regroup provider at your facility and is views him or her as a full member of your care team. Regroup’s virtually staffed providers adhere to your local clinical guidelines, place notes in your EMR, prescribe using your (or our) eRx system, and coordinate seamlessly with other providers across your system.

If you are a health system or other clinical entity in need to behavioral health staffing please contact us to find out more.

If you are a clinician, please feel free to explore use of our free platform, or contact us to make yourself available to be staffed via telehealth into areas of clinical need.

PatientClick VirtualClinic
Developers of “intuitive” telemedicine platform that can seamlessly integrate with EHR / Practice Management / Revenue Cycle Management / ePrescription modules.
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Paperwork Automation | Telemedicine | Engagement | Satisfaction – #1 Customer Rated Workflows For Telemedicine And Paperwork Automation. Mend Can Connect To Patients Anytime, Anywhere, And With Any Device Through Messaging, Video, or Forms.

Mend Has Engagement Rates As High As 98.38% And Video Connection Rates As High As 99.85%

Mend Has Automation Technology To Integrate With Any EHR, PMS, or Other Systems.

Approximately 50% Of Our Newest Customers Have Been Converts From Other Systems.


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