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Adaptive Telehealth
14-Day Free Trial. Created by Jay Ostrowski, a widely-recognized telehealth expert, Adaptive Telehealth’s flexible, HIPAA-compliant platform has more than 70 features that may be turned on or off, depending on your needs. Includes video conferencing, messaging, document sharing, and SMS text messaging, scheduling, forms, referrals, custom views, mobile, PC, and Mac accessibility.
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LifeMD Telemedicine
LifeMD is a comprehensive telemedicine company with a proprietary platform that delivers a fully integrated telehealth solution to connect physicians, medical providers, pharmacists, and patients in real time. Patients can use the LifeMD telehealth platform to connect with a provider in real-time. The platform enables providers to diagnose, treat and even prescribe medications that can be sent to a local pharmacy of the patient’s choice electronically. The LifeMD telehealth program is designed to provide access to quality care at an affordable price using its network of medical providers and telehealth systems. In addition, the LifeMD platform’s simple graphical user interface enables patients to connect with a provider seamlessly from anywhere and anytime using a PC/Laptop or mobile device.
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