Telehealth Training & BCTP® Certificates

Distinguish Yourself & Your Telehealth Services

Manage Telehealth Risk, Meet Legal & Ethical Compliance Requirements

BCTP®-I Telehealth Training & Certificate

Clinicians seeking an orientation to legal, ethical, technical, and clinical issues will find this program a good place to start.


    • Introduction to Telehealth Theory & Practice (6 CME or CE Hours)
    • Basic Telehealth Legal Issues: Rules, Regulations & Risk Management (3 CME or CE Hours)
    • Telehealth Video & Telephone Best Practices (3 CME or CE Hours)
    • Basic Telehealth Clinical Best Practices (3 CME or CE Hours)


BCTP®-II Telehealth Training & Certificate

The most popular of’s training and certificate packages, this program allows you to be confident in your abilities to handle yourself in a wide variety of challenging telehealth situations.


Includes all courses from BCTP®-I


    • Advanced Telehealth Legal Issues: Best Practices & Informed Consent (6 CME or CE Hours)
    • Telehealth Law & Ethics Implementation Workshop (3 CME or CE Hours)
    • Ethics of Texting: Do’s and Don’ts (3 CME or CE Hours)
    • 7 Tips for Educating Patients/ Clients for Telehealth & Teletherapy Best Practices (1 CME or CE Hour)
    • HIPAA Compliant Cybersecurity for Professionals (1 CME or CE Hour)
    • Telehealth: 7 Effective Strategies for Managing Zoom Fatigue Symptoms (1 CME or CE Hour)
    • Telehealth Working from Home: Legal & Ethical Compliance (1 CME or CE Hour)
    • How Do I Create a Therapeutic Alliance Using Telehealth? (1 CME or CE Hour)
    • Advanced Telehealth Clinical Best Practices: Complex Cases & Emergencies (3 CME or CE Hours)
    • How Can I Legally Practice Telehealth Over State Lines and International Borders? (1 CME or CE Hour)

BCTP®-III Telehealth Training & Certificate


Join the elite professionals who have immersed themselves in the depths of telehealth training, obtained monthly group consultation to tailor their learning to their needs, and earned the coveted BCTP®-III distinction!


Includes all courses from BCTP®-II


    • What is Telehealth? Basic Technology Orientation for the Busy Practitioner (2 CME or CE Hours)
    • Telehealth Courtroom Realities: How to Stay Out of Legal Hot Water (2 CME or CE Hours)
    • Evidence-Based & Practical Telesupervision Digital Workshop (3 CME or CE Hours)
    • Setting Up Your Video-Based Office for Telehealth (6 CME or CE Hours)
    • HIPAA Compliant Social Media for Professionals: Top 5 Things You Can Do Tomorrow Morning to Protect Your Practice (1 CME or CE Hour)
    • Evidence-Based Screening Strategies for Teletherapy (1 CME or CE Hour)
    • Intensive Telehealth Group Therapy Digital Workshop – Part I (3 CME or CE Hours)
    • Intensive Telehealth Group Therapy Digital Workshop – Part II (3 CME or CE Hours)


    • Telehealth Employers: Avoiding Pitfalls in Choosing Online Employers for Telehealth (1 CME or CE Hour)
    • Marketing Your Telehealth Services: Successful, Legal & Ethical Online Strategies (7 CME or CE Hours)
    • Pediatric Telemedicine, Telehealth & Teletherapy: Practicing with Children & Adolescents (3 CME or CE Hours)
    • How Can I Get Paid More for Telehealth? (1.5 CME or CE Hours)
    • Telehealth Autism Assessment During & Post-COVID-19 (0 CME or CE Hours)


    • Informed Consent and Crisis Assessment Templates
    • 12 LIVE Q&A Monthly Group Tele-Consults
    • Digital Professional Marketing Training (5 CME or CE Hours)




Put your mind at ease by developing the telehealth competencies and credentials that will give you the confidence to relax in your telehealth practice. Distinguish yourself as having learned from the best, TBHI’s world-class, telehealth thought leaders.

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Alan Groveman, PhD

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Thomas S. Merrill, PhD, ABPP, DPNAP

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