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Telehealth Competencies Challenge

Q&A Contest

Now’s the time to tackle those telehealth questions! is happy to offer a quick and easy contest to invite you to share your telehealth experience with our community. What have you learned that could be helpful to others? will regularly post a challenging telehealth question and ask that you give us your best answer. You can use as many words as you need. Primary criteria for judging submitted answers include:

  • Accuracy
  • Depth
  • Cultural Sensitivity
  • Supporting Evidence

Below are examples of the types of questions that you can expect.


  • Hybrid Telehealth Practice
    • Have you, or are you thinking of developing a hybrid practice as we transition out of COVID? That is, are you developing a blended model of in-person care combined with telehealth? If yes, please tell us your plan.
  • Telehealth Reimbursement
    • Are you getting paid for telehealth now? If yes, which payers are paying you? In which state or country are you? Which CPT codes are you using?

What You Get

Prizes: The winner will get any 1 CME or CE telehealth course of their choice from this training catalog. (Value of up to $199)

Recognition: Your name & photo (if desired) would be posted across’s social media as the winner of this month’s contest

How It Works

The winner will be announced 30 days from context posting:

  • Only one submission per person will be honored.
    The first submission to offer the correct answer will be the winner.
  • Citing references is allowed
  • will select the best answer and explain why in 7 days.
  • Submission timestamp will be the determining factor in the case of any ties.
  • Winners will be identified publicly and asked to contact us privately to redeem their access code.
  • Please submit your entries in one of the three ways given below:
    1. On one of our social media sites below by looking for the image that you see on the upper right of the page herein.
    2. Another option is to click the image on the upper right of this page.
    3. Or just click here

Best of Luck!

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