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TBHI Telehealth Opportunities

Join the Team! TBHI is growing. Interviews and contracts are being processed now.

How to Apply

Email your cover letter using the submission links below. Naming the project that interests you, outlining your interest, previous experience related to the task, your curriculum vita, and details of your availability!

  • If your application is considered, you will be asked to provide contact information from two professionals who know your work to verify your experience.
  • A video-based interview may be required to assess your group participation and communication skills.
  • Incomplete applications will be disregarded.

Get your application in early!

Index of Job Listings Below

  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Training Planner Committee Members
  • Writing / Editing
  • Grant Applicant Reviewers
  • Volunteer Positions (2 Types)

1. Subject Matter Experts

Telehealth subject matter experts (SMEs) are needed for approximately 10-15 hours per month for 6 months. All work can be completed from home as per agreed-upon timelines. Off-line tasks to be discussed in two, two-hour group meetings per month. Meeting dates and times will be decided once committee members are selected, but please be aware that involvement will require reliability, diligence, and scheduling flexibility. All group meetings will be organized with at least 2-3 weeks’ notice.

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International SMEs from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply. All participants must be able to read, write, and speak fluent English without the use of an English translator. A stipend will be awarded at contract completion. Two writing samples are required. Please include them with the other application materials described above.


Types of professionals needed:

  • Mental Health Counselor
  • Couple, Marriage and Family Therapist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Speech Therapist
  • Behavioral Analyst
  • Addictions Professional
  • Nurse / Nurse Practitioner
  • Social Worker

All SMEs must have:

  • Active or retired license in good standing in at least 1 US state, Canadian province, or country
  • 2 peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters, or books published in clinical aspects of telehealth service delivery
  • A flexible schedule
  • Ability to make a commitment to attending monthly meeting

2. Training Planner Committee Members

Graduates of TBHI’s Level II Micro Certification Program or comparable TBHI training designations or industry experts are invited to review TBHI training materials on a monthly basis. The commitment involves up to 3 hours per month, with one of those hours being a group meeting with mandatory attendance due to the group process involved.

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Meetings will be held at 11 am Pacific Time on the fourth Wednesday of the month. The contract is for 12 consecutive months and a stipend to be awarded to all participants who have attended all meetings and delivered all agreed-upon written tasks.

Professionals must have documented CME or CE-approval process experience at the post-graduate level. Must have a flexible schedule to plan for group meetings. All group meetings will be organized with at least 2-3 weeks’ notice for your convenience.

Types of professionals needed:

  • Mental Health Counselor
  • Couple, Marriage and Family Therapist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Speech Therapist
  • Behavioral Analyst

3. Writing / Editing

Blog Post Writers: An experienced SEO writer is sought for a permanent project to write telehealth-related blog posts. The writer must have at least two years of experience in SEO writing, a command of the fundamental telehealth content areas reflected in TBHI legal and ethical compliance training. Only TBHI Level II graduates need to apply.

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      Writers must be able to deliver written pieces of approx 400 words within 24-48 hours, demonstrate their SEO acumen in telehealth by offering a variety of possible SEO terms prior to finalizing submissions, be team-players. Knowledge of telehealth policy terminology preferred. Topics, source documents, and keyword ranking tools to be supplied by TBHI. Submit three sample blog posts with the application materials described above, along with payment requirements.

          4. Grant Applicant Reviewers

          TBHI is offering grant writers to qualified groups seeking funding for their telehealth programs. Once organizations have applied, their applications need to be reviewed and organized for our grant reviewers to process. Additional tasks may include background research, budgets, and project workflows.

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          TBHI is actively engaged in a number of grant-writing projects. Professionals with previous grant-writing success are invited to apply for grant review projects involving telehealth training and certification. Must have an excellent command of both written and spoken English. International applicants are encouraged to participate.

          Along with other materials outlined above, please send documentation of previously awarded grants and the names of other professionals from those projects to be contacted to verify your experience. This is a volunteer position with much flexibility. All projects can all be conducted from a home office using email and shared documents through the Internet.

                5.a. Volunteer Position: Beta Tester

                Beta Testers: If you have a keen understanding of the sensibilities and values of your professional community, TBHI would appreciate your help with developing new materials to assist our telebehavioral health community. This task is unstructured and involves occasionally reviewing web pages and other materials.

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                    Must be a registered TBHI Learner with successful completion of BCTP-I or BCTP-II training.  You will receive emails with links of topics for review and comment at the typical rate of 1 per month. Comments are typically requested to be submitted within 48 hours. Special events and opportunities are made available to TBHI Beta Testers!

                        5.b. Volunteer Position: Volunteer-at-Large

                         Volunteer-at-Large: If you are reliable, hardworking, and looking to contribute to TBHI, please tell us how you can help. Our volunteers have given us some of our best ideas!

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                        We have many organizational needs to address on a weekly basis, and not enough professionals do accomplish all tasks. We need help with these types of activities: organizing, graphics, writing copy on our pages, writing grants, reviewing documents, conducting Internet research to confirm the news, editing existing materials, and looking for new opportunities. We compile reference lists, organize, classify, and verify.

                        Let us know what you think you might contribute and we might just find a way to work together, either now or at a later time. Please see above for the application process.

                              PLEASE NOTE: TBHI is a training organization and not a clinical service group. TBHI is not currently engaging clinicians to offer clinical services.