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Telehealth Institute*

Telehealth Grants Department

Potential Grant Partner Application Process

The Telehealth Institute (TI) is seeking potential telehealth grant partners interested in applying for international, federal, state, and private funding.

If you represent any of the groups in the list below, please provide as much information as possible for TI  to consider when reviewing grants. Your information will be added to TBHI’s database of potential partners.

  • All groups of 20 or more clinicians offering behavioral health services are invited to submit their information for consideration.
  • As  TI’s telehealth grant writers find relevant opportunities, TI-qualified candidates in our system will be contacted to determine their interest and availability.
  • There is no fee to be added to our list of potential candidates  and your application can be withdrawn at any time without consequence.
  • The information you provide will be maintained by TI at all times and not made available to any third parties.
  • This telehealth grants database is developed and maintained by the Telehealth Institute (TI), a California non-profit, 501(3)c as a community service in conjunction with the Telebehavioral Health Institute.
  • For any questions, scroll to the bottom of this webpage: contact us.
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