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TBHI Scholarship Program

telehealth scholarDo you have more time than funding for telebehavioral health training?

We have the perfect solution for you if you can demonstrate financial need.

The Telebehavioral Health Institute (TBHI) Scholarship program is a Work/Study professional training opportunity for professionals, interns and students seeking telemental health training (telepsychiatry, telepsychology, teletherapy, distance counseling, online therapy, speech teletherapy, online counseling, online counselling, e-therapy, etc.). If you can demonstrate financial need, we are happy to make our resources available to you in our Work/Study program.

If you are in these or similar circumstances, the TBHI Work/Study program has been designed with you in mind:

  • You may have just completed your graduate training and are in limbo while you accumulate internship or residency hours for licensure.
  • You may be transitioning from a job, a serious illness, the loss of a parent or child, a divorce or some other disruption in your life plan.
  • You may have just moved to a new geographic area and need to establish new professional referral sources.
  • You may be a veteran in transition – or the spouse of an active duty serviceman or woman who recently relocated a new city.
  • Are a young parent transitioning back into the workforce after maternity leave.
  • Have been caring for a sick family member, and are exploring new career possibilities.
  • Are unemployed and need a fresh start.

TBHI is a fast-growing, online company with many administrative and organizational needs. Work/Study is to the TBHI Advanced Certificate Program (72 training hours) in exchange for administrative work for the Institute (210 hours). Scholarly tasks involve a variety of tasks that can be accomplished at one’s computer (i.e., social media, social bookmarking, SEO, research, data entry, formatting, minor programming, marketing, press release writing) and attending monthly TBHI Scholar meetings by telephone/video.

We are delighted to engage bright, capable and eager scholars to help us grow. Since 2009, we have graduated dozens of Work/Study scholars who have formed an interactive Scholar community. Our Work/Study program then, is for individuals who not only have the circumstances outlined above, but also have most of these characteristics and abilities:

  • A high degree of attentiveness to detail
  • An overriding sense of responsibility
  • An ability to work creatively and independently without close supervision
  • Cooperative abilities to work in a tea
  • Well-developed writing skill
  • Social media or web-related skill
  • Programming abilities
  • Scholarship, organizational and/or presentation skills
How it works

Scholar applicants must be able clearly express a financial need that precludes their ability to pay for telemental health professional training offered by the TeleBehavioral Health Institute. TBHI Scholars must be in a position to commit a minimum of 10 hours per week, complete daily reports of work accomplished and receive a 1099 for their work to be in accord with IRS reporting rules for work/study opportunities.

You will be given increasing access to our coursework as you complete your work objectives. You will be asked to complete a W-9 form and report our waved training fees as income on a 1099 at the end of the first year after registering with us. If you fail to meet all objectives, your position as a TBHI Institute Scholar will be terminated.

See the video at the top right corner of this page for more details. NOTE: January 2016 – The program has been updated to include CEs for all scholarship recipients.

We seek applicants with skills in the following areas (we will not teach you these skills…rather, we need you to have some of these skills to offer us).

  • We seek assistance with exhibiting at professional conferences, test construction, Internet research, formatting references in APA style, Prezi slide set up, writing articles, blog posts, applications for various services, editing coursework, video recording or editing, audio recording or editing and/or writing grant applications.
  • SEO and social media strategies that involve Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Squidoo, LinkedIn, newsletters, blogging, YouTube, and other dissemination approaches.
  • Web development (HTML, graphic design, PHP, animation, illustration, etc.).
  • Any special skills that you wish to offer along with a written proposal for how your special skills will benefit either our for-profit or nonprofit organizations.

You are required to work for 210 hours, attend monthly meetings (by telephone/video), submit weekly reports, and interact with our Scholar team and management staff.


Up to 62 Continuing Education Units (CE Hours) are included in this program at no extra cost to you, if you need them.

We try to be as reasonable and generous as possible while developing our own company. Financial need by some Scholars to date have included:

  • Spouses of military personnel who are serving U.S. wars and have relocated to different geographic areas, where they have no clients or patients
  • War veterans who are disabled but already trained in mental health
  • Mental health professionals who live with their parents because they can’t afford their own housing
  • Professionals who have several young children at home on a very limited income
  • Disabled, civilian professionals who have no clients/patients but are trying to come back to the workforce part-time
  • Foreign professionals who live in an economy where one of our dollars equals four or five of their dollars, rendering the cost of our program to be equivalent to more than $10k – 12k
What You Need to Apply
  • Your CV/Resume in Word doc format
  • The names and email addresses of three references
  • Willingness to receive a US Federal income tax form “1099-MISC” for the value of the training program you are receiving ($2,100.)
  • A roll-up-your-sleeves, can-do attitude; a belly full of passion; a good sense of humor; an adventurous spirit and humility when you make a mistake.

As a Scholar, you will participate in an international community with many other Scholars, and must be able to get along with others in email and through monthly video meetings. To use our video system then, you must have a video cam and speakers in your computer.

Your application will be reviewed and you will receive notification within 7 days. If accepted, you are required to sign an extensive agreement about the nature of the work/study program. You will then be scheduled a videoconference interview with the Scholar Manager and then scheduled a teleconference with Dr. Maheu. Upon acceptance into the program you work/study begins immediately. Please do not apply if you are not ready to start at the time of application. Scholarships are offered at TBHI when additional skilled assistance is needed for our growing company. Scholars are mentored and managed by our professional staff. Apply Online Now!

Submit Your Scholarship Application and Supporting Materials