The Faculty

  • Marlene M. Maheu, Ph.D

  • Dawn Sampson, PhD.

100 – Overview of Available Evidence-Based Telemental Health Opportunities

3 CE Hours Available

Course Description

Two hour-long interviews of mental health professionals who have years of successful telehealth practice. While significantly different in application, both these models embody classic, evidence-based approaches to working with clients who live hundreds of miles away from their practitioners. Specific descriptions are given of client recruitment, screening & assessment, intake procedures, routine care, working with children and older populations, community involvement and emergency planning both in the informed consent process as well as in actual suicide threats. Listen to how telehealth can be practiced safely, effectively — and with successful reimbursement by both telephone and video platforms.

Course Objectives

  • Describe two (2) classic and successful telemental
  • health models
  • Outline how to get referrals
  • Describe how to screen and assess clients at a distance
  • Outline how to conduct mental health care using a telephone-based model
  • Summarize some of the technical issues related to using video conferencing equipment
  • Identify some cameras and computers to consider when shopping for video conferencing
  • Outline how to keep records and where to store them
  • Identify a few other types of professionals you may wish to engage on your team
  • Summarize at least one (1) way to develop effective, traditional and empirically supported emergency backup systems with clients and surrounding community resources


Required Reading

All materials are included with this course.


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