The Faculty

  • Marlene M. Maheu, Ph.D

  • Myron L. Pulier, MD

  • Joseph McMenamin, MD, JD


202 – Legal/Ethical Issues II: Best Practices & Informed Consent

6 CE Hours Available * This course qualifies for Legal & Ethical CE Hours.

This training course is offered 24/7, available complete at your own pace (anytime within 6 months from registration date)

Course Description

Best practice guidelines are reviewed from a number of different associations and perspectives to help you understand their practical implementation in working online with coaching and mental health clients. Settings, patient education, verbal agreements, dealing with family members, authentication, practice management, record keeping, HIPAA compliance, emergency backup and other fundamental issues will be covered, helping you to equip yourself to start practicing. This course then, involves a detailed review of various “Best Practices” documents (or similar papers) issued for telehealth, telemedicine, telemental health, telepsychology and online counseling. After a more extensive discussion of informed consent and its specific language, you will also receive an annotated “informed consent” document that you can bring to your own legal counsel for review. This invaluable tool is a unique feature of the TeleMental Health Institute and we are proud to help you get started quickly by making it available to you!

Course Objectives

  • Name the 7 components of online ethics that address the novel risks, legal issues and the very difficult emerging issues of “standards of care” when using the psychotechnologies
  • Describe 1 ethical precept related to emergencies in distance work
  • Contrast standard of care and ethical standards
  • Outline current legal considerations concerning cross-border practice across state and international boundaries
  • List 3 common “standards of care” in telemental health
  • Explain the difference between “practice guidelines” and “treatment guidelines”
  • Outline 3 elements of proper documentation of telemental health services
  • Discuss the statement that, “All current in-person legal and ethical mandates apply online.”
  • Explain “online presence” and how to protect one’s online reputation

Required Reading

All materials are included with this course.


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