TBHI Telehealth Directory, Training & Certification Verifier

TBHI Telehealth Directory

The information in the Telebehavioral Health Institute’s (TBHI) Telehealth Directory is verified from a number of sources. When you see the TBHI Verified seal, you can be assured that TBHI has verified the professional’s:

  • Name, telephone number and email address 
  • The professional’s license, is valid within the state in which he or she practices, if they are licensed in the United States
  • History of licensure if applicable, to determine that they are free of unresolved convictions or pending violations that would prevent legitimate practice at the time of verification 
  • Successful passing of at least 1-hour of telehealth professional training with TBHI in the last 12 months

TBHI Training

TBHI Micro Certification

To help you be assured of the telehealth competence in the professional that you choose to trust, TBHI also identifies TBHI Micro Certifications earned by those professionals who seek to excel at specialized training for telehealth service delivery. Click the badge associated with their account to be taken to a page that describes the training they have successfully completed. While training does not assure competence in all cases, it can help you make more informed choices about your practitioners.

PLEASE NOTE: TBHI does not warrant any professional’s fitness for offering services through its directory. it does not offer supervision or monitor the services offered by any directory owners. In all cases, you are encouraged to vet your practitioners carefully to see if they meet with your needs. TBHI can only verify the information at the time a therapist is initially listed in the directory and then upon expiration of the professional’s credentials. You are encouraged to do the same by visiting the licensing board for the type of professional involved by going to their state licensing board.

                    Go to: YOURSTATENAME.GOV and search for their list of licensed professionals. Write to your state through their website to get more specific information.

If you find any of the information in the TBHI Telehealth Professional Directory to be inaccurate, please inform us by emailing: contact@telehealth.org

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