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If you’ve been looking for cutting edge information about practicing legally and ethically online, you’ve found it.

Register now and take the course anytime you want in the next year. (See below for details of how we can deliver on this promise.)

First, let us tell you how to find evidence-based strategies to get started online AND earn Continuing Education Units (CE Hour) or Continuing Medical Education (CME) professional training at the same time.

Dear Colleague,

You may have been thinking about these common practitioner frustrations:

  • Whether or not to use email or Skype
  • How to understand your ethics code so that you can work online
  • What to do when a client or patient calls from out of state for continuity of care
  • The limitations imposed by conflicting, outdated state, federal and international laws
  • What to put into your informed consent process to protect both yourself and your client/patient
  • How to handle an emergency with a client/patient from a distant location when you don’t know the client’s local resources

Many of us know how to use text messaging, email, Skype, Facebook, Google and much more, but have been waiting to see how these daily communication tools can best be used for mental health. Some professionals are growing impatient by the seeming lack of direction from our authorities. Others have already started working with clients/patients online, foraging into the unknown with small experiments of their own.

Why Leave Success to Chance?

Did you know that there have been over 60 years of research in telemental health? Why not benefit from the lessons learned and avoid make expensive or dangerous mistakes? There literally are hundreds of pitfalls to practicing online, but there also are thousands of evidence-based research studies, government reports, laws and over a dozen ethical principles, standards and guidelines to guide us into safe & successful telepractice.

Now You Can Discover This Information Easily, Quickly and Affordably

We at the TeleMental Health Institute have distilled the key strategies and solutions into a 10-hour pre-recorded program, so you can listen at your convenience, wherever you want to be.

Introducing the Telehealth Summit!

Are you tired of taking time away from your family and practice, traveling to conferences, paying for expensive hotel rooms, meals, cabs? Are you missing important sessions because the ones you want are scheduled in concurrent break–out sessions?

Technology has changed all that. We bring you our industry’s first fully automated, 100% e-learning environment that is mobile compatible and designed to allow you to stay wherever you are, attend every session that interests you, connect with colleagues to share resources and showcase your interests in your own profile with links to your own website or other interests. Our e-learning environment even lets you learn as you walk through the park, sit comfortably at home or while doing other things.

We bring you these advantages over a brick-and-mortar convention:

  • Audio recorded, listen on your computer or easily download this fast-paced, engaging and incisive information to any MP3 player, and be where you want to be
  • Friendly technical support to guide you (you can test that now →)
  • Complete your post-tests, course evaluations and print your own course-completion certificates at your convenience
  • Read PDF or KINDLE versions of transcripts immediately upon registration. Scan them before the actual conference, so you can tune into exactly what interests you
  • Attend a live Q&A session, or listen to its recording later, when you have time
  • Receive cutting-edge information at a fraction of the cost of brick-and-mortar conferences
  • Earn 10 CE Hours or 8 CMEs for your efforts to stay informed
  • Enjoy our easy online interface, which allows you to keep notes
  • Stop and start again whenever you want
  • Introduce yourself and interact with the entire community as much or as little as you like
  • Develop your profile so others can know who you are, what you seek and how to reach you for collaboration

WHEN: Anytime in the next 3 years. (As we promised above, this is the reason you CAN REGISTER NOW and take the course later — it’s all recorded.)

WHERE: We’ll meet at your place

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What Exactly Will You Learn?

You’ll learn how to: [green_tick_2_list width="100%"]

      • Get started
      • Plan for emergencies
      • Choose viable, legal and ethical models
      • Lower your overhead expenses with technology
      • Know which technologies to use and which to avoid
      • Select your clients/patients carefully, screen them safely
      • Write your informed consent document and discuss it appropriately
      • Operate a website and market successfully yet professionally and legally
      • Enjoy a new revenue stream online, yet stay out of trouble and manage your risk
      • Develop the confidence you’ve been seeking with a safe and reliable income stream
      • Better serve your clients, patients and their families with new and creative services that can equal or exceed the benefits of in-person care

[/green_tick_2_list] And of course ... you won't: [green_tick_2_list width="100%"]

      • Travel by air or auto, or pay for cab fare
      • Pay for expensive hotel rooms or meals
      • Take unnecessary time away from your practice or family

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Profit from the Experience of These Experts


As the host of the conference, Dr. Maheu will describe the conference goals and events. She will outline the many benefits of telemental health and discuss the basic steps to getting started with a successful online practice.

          • Objective 1: Identify the basic 10 steps to getting started with a successful online practice
          • Objective 2: Discuss specific federal and state laws that impact telemental health
          • Objective 3: Describe the scientific research supporting telemental health
          • Objective 4: Name several benefits to telehealth supported by scientific evidence
          • Objective 5: Describe how telehealth fits into the current healthcare landscape

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Instructor: Timothy Lacy, MD Dr. Lacy will review the uses of Telehealth for which there is rigorous academic support. He will also review some of the ethical implications of these approaches and explore the potential uses of novel and emerging technologies.

          • Objective 1: List some typical uses for Telehealth
          • Objective 2: Discuss the ethical implications for caring for patients at a distance
          • Objective 3: Discuss emerging video-based technologies for clinical care
          • Objective 4: Discuss the potential uses of emerging technologies

[/features_box_paper_white][testimonial3 author="Pat DeLeon, Ph.D., MPH, JD, Former President, American Psychological Association" + pic=""]“Dr. Maheu is psychology's Telehealth visionary, leading our colleagues through professional training in ethics and innovative technologies since the mid-90's. Telepsychology is the 21st century and our practitioners in particular must become knowledgeable.”[/testimonial3][testimonial3 author="James Bray, Ph.D., Past President, American Psychological Association, Associate Professor at Baylor College of Medicine" + pic=""]“Dr. Maheu is a leading national expert on the application of psychology in Telehealth, online services and use of new technologies to support and expand your practice.”[/testimonial3] [features_box_paper_white width="95%" + border="2px"]


Instructor: Christa M. Natoli Ms. Natoli will summarize the various state laws related to practicing over state lines.

          • Objective 1: Outline the conditions for licensed health care practice in the United States across disciplines, and how they are related to mental health care
          • Objective 2: Describe the ways in which the current legal code is being violated by practitioners
          • Objective 3: Describe the requirements for “remote consultation”
          • Objective 4: Explain how practitioners who want to practice in geographic areas outside their state(s) of licensure can do so legally

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Instructor: René Y. Quashie, JD This presentation will focus on the role of Medicare, Medicaid and 3rd party carriers in reimbursing practitioners for various services related to telemental health. Mr. Quashie will review the conditions required for reimbursement, which disciplines are included as approved provider groups, and where regulations are going. Session Objectives

          • Objective 1: Explain the conditions for Medicare & Medicaid reimbursement for Telehealth
          • Objective 2: Describe where to get more information about accurate telehealth billing procedures
          • Objective 3: Briefly outline the expected impact of the current administration’s health care bill upon mental health practice
          • Objective 4: Summarize the movement toward Accountable Care Organizations and their potential impact on mental health practitioners

[/features_box_paper_white][testimonial3 author="Gerald Koocher, Ph.D., Past President, American Psychological Association, Associate Provost at Simmons College" + pic=""]“Marlene has worked at the forefront if Telehealth for many years and has substantial expertise in the area. I strongly recommend her as a speaker and consultant in this arena.”[/testimonial3][testimonial3 author="Robert L. Glueckauf, Ph.D., College of Medicine, Florida State University" + pic=""]“Dr. Maheu is an outstanding leader, educator, and creative force in the field of Telehealth. She has been a long-term advocate for the use of empirically-based practices in telepsychology and has provided solid guidance to practitioners in the ethics and conduct of Telehealth services.”[/testimonial3][features_box_paper_white width="95%" + border="2px"]


Instructor: Joseph McMenamin, MD, JD Joseph McMenamin discusses what practitioners must do in seeking consent to distance care.

          • Objective 1: Define informed consent
          • Objective 2: Explain the law’s tests of consent
          • Objective 3: Identify how consent to distance care differs from consent to in-person care
          • Objective 4: Comply with the law’s requirements

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Instructor: Keely Kolmes, Psy.D. Many mental health professionals are eager to get onto the Internet both to market their practices and to help educate the public about issues related to psychological health. However, the immediacy of online publishing and the accessibility of engaging in public forums can create some potentially sticky situations. Bonus: Sample social media policy included in this course.

          • Objective 1: List several social media sites on which clients and psychotherapists may find one another
          • Objective 2: Describe several relevant ethical codes that relate to our online conduct
          • Objective 3: Discuss steps you take in your practice to minimize legal and ethical risks in your online conduct
          • Objective 4: Outline how to set realistic boundaries with clients and patients in social media
          • Objective 5: Create a social media policy tailored for your own practice

[/features_box_paper_white][testimonial3 author="Larry Rosen, Ph.D., Professor, CSU Dominguez Hills" + pic=""]“Marlene Maheu is a trailblazer in the field of Telehealth. She was one of the first psychologists to even consider the concept of providing electronic services to patients and has been a leader in that field. Marlene is also a mover and a shaker and seems to be able to make nearly anything happen.”[/testimonial3][testimonial3 author="Larry Brooks, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, Private Practice - Psychotherapy & Supervision" + pic=""]“Marlene has established herself as a pioneer, expert, and forceful advocate for the Telehealth. I've taken her courses and periodically consult with her. I count on her for thoughtful and ethical guidance in this complex field.”[/testimonial3][features_box_paper_white width="95%" + border="2px"]


Instructor: Joe Bavonese, Ph.D. In this presentation we will discuss specific ways to generate inquiries for your Telehealth practice and convert those inquiries into paying clients. Topics include lead generation; Internet Marketing best practices; Social Media; SEO and Pay Per Click advertising.

          • Objective 1: Explain how to get listed on organic search results
          • Objective 2: Define search engine optimization
          • Objective 3: Discuss the most important factors in successful pay per click advertising campaigns
          • Objective 4: Discuss how best to convert your website visitors to paying clients
          • Objective 5: Outline the most useful ways to generate leads from Social Media

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Instructor: Michael Young Mental health practitioners face special legal risks when using the Internet. Learn the fundamentals of protecting yourself and your patients so that you can avoid lawsuits and government investigations.

          • Objective 1: Avoid the #1 mistake made by mental health practitioners online
          • Objective 2: Know how to use reduce your risks when using the Internet
          • Objective 3: Protect your patients’ privacy rights

[/features_box_paper_white][testimonial3 author="Judith Blanton, Ph.D., Blanton Consulting" + pic=" photo1-091_side.jpg"]“Dr. Maheu is one of the most knowledgeable people in the country in the area of psychology and technology. She has a rich perspective on the benefits and challenges in this field and has been extremely generous in sharing her resources and expertise.”[/testimonial3][testimonial3 author="Dale Masi, Ph.D., President/CEO, Masi Research Consultants Inc." + pic=""]“Marlene is a true innovator in bringing technology to the mental health field. Her books are a must and I recommend them to my students.”[/testimonial3][features_box_paper_white width="95%" + border="2px"]


Instructor: Les Posen Australians adopt new technologies with vigor, especially those involving communication. They also recognize the need to maintain standards of therapeutic endeavor while adapting to the changes inevitably brought on by new technologies. Why are Australians about 10 years ahead of the United States in telehealth infrastructure buildup, and what can we learn from their telemental health leadership?

          • Objective 1: Explaining the motivations and resistances to adopting new technologies
          • Objective 2: Understanding the reticence and fears mental health professionals often experience with respect to technology in general
          • Objective 3: Understand how technologies challenge mental health practice
          • Objective 4: Review current uses of technologies in a clinical setting, and how they can augment rather than interfere with patient care
          • Objective 5: A view to the future – what’s inevitably around the corner, including cloud based services and patient care based in smartphone and tablet technologies

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Instructor: Eve-Lynn Nelson, Ph.D Dr. Nelson will summarize technology advances related to child mental health interventions. She will focus on Telehealth guidelines and psychology practice.

          • Objective 1: Technology advances related to child mental health interventions
          • Objective 2: Social media in relation to youth mental health concerns
          • Objective 3: How to prevent and emergencies in a telemental health practice

[/features_box_paper_white][testimonial3 author="Eric Kuelker, Ph.D., Past President, Mental Health Pros" + pic=""]“Dr. Maheu did a superb job of teaching many of the key concepts in tele-mental health to therapists in our organization.”[/testimonial3][testimonial3 author="Kenneth Drude, Ph.D." + pic=" 2011.jpg"]“Marlene is a pioneer, leader and strong advocate for ethical telemental health practices. Her presentations, workshops, articles and books provide valuable, thoughtful and informative ideas about how to deal with the many complex issues presented by rapidly evolving technologies.”[/testimonial3][features_box_paper_white width="95%" + border="2px"]


Instructor: Marlene M. Maheu, Ph.D. Dr. Maheu will describe various evidence-based models for how to get started safely right away, name the areas of focus that currently provide the best opportunities for reimbursable practice today; outline the technical issues that need to be understood; discuss online marketing of a telehealth practice; review the remaining barriers to telehealth practice; describe the different considerations related to evidence based-practice vs. innovation; identify the risky differences between traditional telehealth practice vs. what's happening online today -- and why many online practitioners are at risk; and where the professional seriously considering an online practice can get more training and needed resources.

          • Objective 1: Describe various evidence-based models for how to get started safely right away
          • Objective 2: Name the areas of focus that currently provide the best opportunities for reimbursable practice today
          • Objective 3: Review the remaining barriers to telehealth practice
          • Objective 4: Name at least 5 risky differences between traditional telehealth practice vs. what’s happening online today
          • Objective 5: Identify the basic 10 steps to getting started with a successful online practice

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Learn on Your Own Terms

[green_tick_2_list width="100%"]

      • Includes 10 CE Hours or 8 CMEs – up to 3 years from your date of registration;
      • Listen to our audio recordings;
      • Read our eBook of transcripts;
      • Connect with our online community through your own profile, concurrent chat rooms, discussion forums where you can ask questions whenever you need answers;
      • And/or for an added fee, be sent a CD to study whenever you please.[/green_tick_2_list]

You Also Get:

Telehealth Summit Transcript eBook (PDF or Kindle Versions)



A Start-up Guide to Success: Developing a TeleMental Health Career


24/7 Community Forum ($280 value)


Audio File: Text Messaging: 12 Risk Management Considerations in to Keep You Out of Hot Water ($20 value)


Audio File: Beyond Skype with 50+ HIPAA-Compliant Video Companies & Related Issues ($20 value)


Audio File: Two New Practice Models ($70 value)


Q&A Followup with Dr. Marlene Maheu and Select Guest Faculty ($100 value)


Discount Coupon to TMH Institute Certificate Program ($150 value)

[divider_bar][/divider_bar] [/features_box_paper_white] [testimonial3 author="Stephanie A. Shields, Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University" + pic=""]“Marlene is incredibly tech savvy with laser-sharp understanding of how to make the best use of innovative social media in professional settings.”[/testimonial3][testimonial3 author="Ellen Cole, Ph.D.,Former President, Society for the Psychology of Women, American Psychological Association" + pic=""]“I wanted to establish a task force on 'new media,' but only if Marlene Maheu, a long-time leader in telepsychology, would agree to be its chair. She did, and the task force exceeded my highest hopes.”[/testimonial3]

This web-based conference is for you…

[two_columns_1]if you work in a:[green_tick_2_list width=”90%”]

  • hospital
  • clinic
  • resource center
  • crisis center
  • residential setting
  • large or small group practice
  • independent practice

[/green_tick_2_list][/two_columns_1][two_columns_2]and are a:[green_tick_2_list width=”90%”]

  • director or administrator
  • supervisor
  • practitioner
  • trainee or intern


The Summit will help you maximize your efforts with…

      • Information-packed sessions
      • Details you won’t find anywhere else
      • New ways to serve existing clients better
      • Exciting models for how to thrive doing what you love to do
      • Creative approaches to reaching new populations with your specialty services
      • A community of like-minded professionals who share a focus on using technology
      • A legal, ethical path to enjoying the power & freedom now available through technology
      • 6 Bonuses that give you current information that you can use today

[guarantee_box_1 title="Our 100% Money Back Guarantee"] We give you a 100%, 30-day money-back guarantee if for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase. We stand behind our courses 100% and always deliver more than we promise. [/guarantee_box_1]

What You Get

All Available Online!

Study, stop and start again at your convenience …

No travel, hotels, meals. No waiting, wasting time or worrying about time or location.

Platinum Program

11 Speaker Interviews and Discussions (Listen on your computer, mobile device or MP3 player)
10 CE Hours / 8 CMEs Professional training with telehealth leaders, including 4 attorneys, 2 physicians and 5 psychologists
Learning Lounge Community Forum Full Year of Membership
Full mobile access For iPad, Samsung, iPhone & Android, etc.
Transcripts of Telehealth Summit Speakers For following along or reading laterDownloadable PDF or Kindle-compatible eBook
A Startup Guide to Success: Developing a Telemental Health Career Addresses numerous factors related to early career and practice development
Full Hour LIVE Follow-up Q&A Session Teleconference Call
$150 Discount to Certificate Program
Text Messaging 12 Risk Management Considerations to Keep You Out of Hot Water (Listen on your computer, mobile device or MP3 Player)
Two New Practice Models (Listen on your computer, mobile device or MP3 Player)
Beyond Skype with 50+ HIPAA-Compliant Video Companies & Spreadsheet (Listen on your computer, mobile device or MP3 Player)

What You Get

All Available Online!

Study, stop and start again at your convenience …

No travel, hotels, meals. No waiting, wasting time or worrying about time or location.

Platinum Program

$495 $395

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Platinum Program: Telehealth Summit

All Available Online

Own your own copy of 10 full Telehealth Summit Speaker Interview Recordings + Fill Transcripts (including a Kindle version) + practical, hands-on Startup Guide + 3 Extra Recordings + Full Year Membership to Learning Lounge Community Forums + $150 Discount to Certificate Program + Full Mobile Access + Full Hour LIVE Follow-up Q&A Session + 10 CE Hours or 8 CMEs

  [green_tick_1_list width="100%"]

  • Recording: 10 hours of CE Hour or 8 hours of CME professional training with telehealth leaders, including 4 attorneys, 2 physicians and 5 psychologists ($247 value)
  • Downloadable, Kindle-compatible eBook of all transcripts of Telehealth Summit Speakers for following along or reading later ($75 value)
  • Mobile access for iPad, Samsung, iPhone & Android, etc.

Additional Bonuses ($640 value)

[green_plus_list width=”100%”]

  • Online Manual — A Startup Guide to Success: Developing a Telemental Health Career — ($75 value)
    • The Start-up Guideaddresses numerous factors related to career and practice development, including:
      • business planning
      • marketing
      • professional relationships and affiliations
      • office set-up/staging
      • equipment
      • licensure and
      • credentialing with 3rd party payers
  • 1 Year Membership to Learning Lounge Community Forum ($280 value)
  • Recording: Text Messaging 12 Risk Management Considerations to Keep You Out of Hot Water ($20 value)
  • Recording: Beyond Skype with 50+ HIPAA-Compliant Video Companies & Spreadsheet ($50 value)
  • Recording: Two New Practice Models ($70 value)
  • Teleconference Call: Q&A Follow Up Meeting with Dr. Marlene Maheu and Select Guest Faculty on November 2, 2012 ($100 value)
  • Discount Coupon to TMH Institute Certificate Program ($150 value — for new enrollees only)


$495 $395

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This is it. This is your chance to learn how to leverage today’s technology to make powerful progress toward more freedom as you enjoy more clients/patients and more profits.

Imagine … moving forward with knowledge, confidence and options. A new way of working and living can be yours.

Here’s to unleashing yourself from your brick-and-mortar office and learning how to take your office with you, wherever you want to go.

Marlene M. Maheu, Ph.D.

PS. Imagine your life 6 months from now. Will your practice have changed? Or are you still working in the same place, wondering what your life would be if you used technology to help you with your clients or patients? When you use the right tools, work can become a joy. Select your program above to get started.

P.P.S. If you want to save yourself the expense of going to a conference, and instead only pay for learning the materials on your own terms, take advantage of this online conference. Choose your program above, and get on your way today!

[testimonial3 author=”Reid Hester, Ph.D., Partner, Behavior Therapy Associates, LLC” + pic=”×83.png”]”Marlene is an intelligent, thoughtful, and diligent clinical psychologist. I’ve known her for years and her work in ethics and telehealth have been of the highest caliber.”[/testimonial3][testimonial3 author=”Donna Ford MA, Former President, American Counseling Association” + pic=””]”For nearly 20 years Marlene has been the leader in thought, training and advocacy regarding the impact of technology on mental health professions.”[/testimonial3]

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