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Support Group

Give and get emotional & informational support from like-minded behavioral health professionals. Private, digitally-protected space for therapists who can are experiencing isolation, stress, overwhelm,  burnout, or more.


Protected, professional discussion forum allows text-based interactions, where images, voice and video insertions are invited.

Who We Are

The Telebehavioral Health Institute (TBHI has been offering telehealth training, consultation, and staffing since 2010. Founded by telehealth pioneer Dr. Marlene Maheu, TBHI has provided telehealth training, consultation, and staffing to professionals in 109 countries worldwide.

TBHI is dedicated to helping the professional community deliver evidence-based, competency-based telehealth services. During the first two years of COVID, it provided deeply-discounted and free telehealth training for clinicians and their support staff.





free therapist support group

Find Support from Around the World

Who is offering telehealth practitioner support group group and why?

TBHI is formally inviting all its past Learners, their colleagues, and YOU to join the launch of this support group as Beta Testers. When you join, you will be asked to give provide feedback about the service which we are happily making available to you for 6 months.

How can I participate?

Just register, log in, read what is available, add new threads, and if you are comfortable commenting, start posting. It’s that simple!

The Safe Space You Need to Unwind and Get a Different Perspective

therapist support group

Therapists Can Help Therapists

Therapists are healers who give to clients and patients all day. They occasionally need a safe place of their own to retreat. There is solace in knowing that one is not alone.

TBHI Is Trusted by 1000s of Groups & Their Therapists

TBHI has 20,000+ registered learners and 500K newsletter subscribers receiving 58 weekly and monthly newsletters.

TBHI Provides a Safe Digital Space with Moderators

TBHI has collaborated with its sister company Telehealth Institute, a 501(3)c non-profit organization, to bring you this professionally managed space protected from search engines’ peering eyes. You can rest assured that you can share your thoughts and know that TBHI has your back.

Register to Enjoy these Free

Therapist Support Services

Available 24/7

Get Inspired by Other Therapists

Having a tough day? Wind down by popping in to refuel and get inspired by like-minded colleagues who share your experience.

See Text, Images, or Video Links

Relax by reading what others have posted, looking at their images, reviewing the links they have provided.

Commenting Is Optional

Some professionals process by participating. Others process by silently reading. Participation is encouraged, but not required.

Prefer to Share Music or a Video Clip?

Share a link to a YouTube music video or any other freely accessed resource on the Internet.

Enjoy International Perspectives

With registered learners from 109 countries, TBHI offers you the opportunity to get input from potentially thousands of pros.

Moderated by Professionals

TBHI elevates its own. If you have graduated from any TBHI BCTP certificate program, you are eligible to apply for a moderator position. Send a note here.

Trusted by Leading Organizations

Known for its professionalism, TBHI has offered group training packages to more than 300 organizations in all aspects of healthcare.

free therapist support group

The Best

For more than a decade, TBHI has been trusted by top organizations to consult with their leadership and train their professionals.

Making It Easy But Keeping It Safe

Registration for the TBHI Therapist Support Group is easy but requires full identification. Imposters and misbehavior are not tolerated.

Not Mental Health Care

Professionals participating are not offered psychotherapy of any type. This group is simply for therapists to connect with like-minded colleagues and share experiences.


Registered guests are free to benefit from existing topics or create their own. Basic rules are enforced to keep the discussion manageable and professional, but otherwise, the sky is the limit.

Registered Therapists from Across the Globe

TBHI has enjoyed international growth for more than a decade. As a first-generation American born to immigrant parents, Dr. Maheu has enjoyed being an international telehealth trainer since 1994. She understands that professionalism and support can be found from many places, in many forms. Everyone identifying as a therapist is invited to register. Proof of claims of being a therapist may be required at the sole discretion of TBHI.

Which language is spoken in the TBHI Telehealth Therapist Support Group?

English is the common language used at TBHI, but many guests speak, write and read more than one language. Guests are encouraged to imbue their communications with a little “joie de vivre!”

Can English-as-a-Second Language Therapists Become Moderators?

Being elevated to a moderator role is based on two factors: 1) successfully graduating from a TBHI BCTP certificate training program and 2) passing an English proficiency exam if English is not one’s native tongue if the use of language becomes an issue. Also, whether one is a native or English-as-a-second language professional, using grammar correction software is always advised when posting.

therapist support group


All participants must have the training to identify as a therapist in their country. With regard to participating in the TBHI Therapist Support Group, a clear set of guidelines is established and visible upon login.


Misbehavior is defined as violating any of the posted guidelines. Violators are subject to removal from the group. All decisions are made at the sole discretion of TBHI.


TBHI is currently asking for feedback from its community to determine the next steps in the launch of this service. Fees are not charged for the first 6 months of participation.


If you have prior experience moderating an online discussion forum and are a graduate of any TBHI BCTP Certificate Training Program, please send your letter of intent and Curriculum Vitae (CV) here.

Promoting One’s Services or Products

Interactions are limited to telehealth therapist support and nothing else. Self-promotion of any kind is not allowed.

therapist support group
therapist support group

Getting or Giving Support

Creative forms of interaction are encouraged.

Ask for what you need and see what you get.

Ask for Support

Ask for Perspectives

Ask for a Review

Ask for Resources

Offer Support

Offer Perspective

Offer a Review

Offer Resources

Sounds good! Where do I register?


Telebehavioral Health Institute, LLC (TBHI


5173 Waring Road, 124
San Diego, CA 92120

Technical Support Hours

10-4 PM Pacific

free therapist support group