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Thank you for your application for the Train-the Trainer Program

By training as a telebehavioral health speaker, you will experience an intensive, focused and goal-directed training program designed to help you:

  • Develop the facility to not only present prepared telehealth training materials but think on your feet to answer questions related to those materials
  • Understand foundational telepractice issues from the varied perspectives of audience members, each with their own setting, population, financial, and technical needs, preferences, laws, ethical codes and resources
  • Interact with professionals who range in setting from world-class health organizations to private practitioners who will expect that you understand and be able to answer multi-layered questions about the telebehavioral health information that you present
  • Learn a wide range of evidence-based implementation strategies, such as how to optimize and adapt both the distant and originating sites and their technologies to meet the needs of diverse groups different administrative limits and mandates, different cultural norms as well as legal and ethical requirements
  • How to conduct efficient research using key telehealth resources to compile and design your own telehealth training materials such as slides, handouts, brief reports that address the specific needs of the audiences that you seek to train
  • Enjoy the excitement of helping audience members unlock their own abilities to serve diverse populations who have limited or no access to the help they need