Train-the-Trainer (TTT) Program

If you are an experienced speaker or consultant in another field, consider joining this elite TTT program.

The Train-the-Trainer Program is for you if you are seeking to maximize your marketability as the behavioral field adopts 21st Century technology.

Why Get Specialized Training as a Speaker/Trainer/Consultant

Telehealth has exploded in popularity with millions of visits, many of which are in behavioral health. The market for such services alone is expected to create a quarter trillion dollar industry by 2031.  As of the last published audit, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) reported that more than 85% of all reimbursement for telehealth included CTP codes for telebehavioral health services.

As the international, interprofessional market leaders, is increasingly being sought to train other professionals to help educate and consult with the 1.3 million clinicians offering professional mental health and substance use services in the United States. is the only professional training group whose training meets the stringent competencies identified and published in the field (Maheu, Drude, Hertlein, Lipschutz & Hilty, 2018). The Founders of are experienced, highly published and widely recognized as the pioneers of the field, offering telehealth-related training and consultation for almost 30 years.