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  • Marlene M. Maheu, Ph.D.

    Marlene M. Maheu, Ph.D.

711W – Text Messaging 12 Risk Management Considerations To Keep You Out Of Hot Water

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CE 1-Hour “On Demand” Training Webinar

Nearly half (46%) of American adults are smartphone owners as of February 2012, an increase of 11 percentage points over the 35% of Americans who owned a smartphone last May. Two in five adults (41%) own a cell phone that is not a smartphone, meaning that smartphone owners are now more prevalent within the overall population than owners of more basic mobile phones. Nearly every major demographic group—men and women, younger and middle-aged adults, urban and rural residents, the wealthy and the less well-off—experienced a notable uptick in smartphone penetration over the last year. Overall adoption levels are at 60% or more within several cohorts, such as college graduates, 18-35 year olds and those with an annual household income of $75,000 or more. (PEW, 2012)

This webinar will cover how to think about text messaging, several clinical issues related to text messaging and the little-known risk management issues that are crucial for safe, effective interaction. Dr. Maheu will outline 12 ways in which the following scenarios may expose you and your client or patient to undue risk, and help you think through your own practice demands to decide what to do about them:

  1. You are outside of your office when your office manager calls you regarding a problem with your next scheduled appointment. You ask that the client’s phone number be sent to you in a text message, knowing that if you simply click the client’s phone number in your text message, the number will be dialed automatically. Your cell phone will thus spare you the time and effort of writing the number down first, then dialing.
  2. In a session, you and your patient develop 2 key self-statements she can use when overwhelmed by the current loss of a relationship. She texts you several days later, and asks you to please text her self-statements because she forgot them.

Learning Objectives

  • Relevant Ethical Codes
  • Privacy and Confidentiality of Texting
  • Relevance of HIPAA & HITECH Act
  • Are smartphones HIPAA Compliant
  • Texting Security
  • Security Suggestions
  • Possible Platforms to Consider for Secure Texting
  • How to Deal with Stolen Cell Phones or Portable Devices
  • How to Deal with Stolen Cell Phones or Portable Devices
  • Whether or Not Encryption is Needed
  • How to Deal with Breaches
  • Boundaries and Other Safety Tips
  • Role of Empirical Guidance
  • References

This program is designed for:

711W - Text Messaging 12 Risk Management Considerations To Keep You Out Of Hot Water
  • Counselors, Social Workers, Therapists, Marriage & Family Therapists, Drug & Alcohol Specialists
  • Medical Professionals such as Psychiatrists, Internists, Pediatricians, Gerontologists
  • Psychologists, Physicians Assistants & Nurse Practitioners

Webinar includes:

  • Webinar video recording
  • Presentation slides
  • Webinar handout


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