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How to Get a TMHI Scholarship

What is a TMHI Scholarship?

The TeleMental Health Institute (TMHI) Scholarship program is a Work/Study professional training opportunity for professionals, interns and students seeking telemental health training (telepsychiatry, telepsychology, distance counseling, online therapy). It is for professionals who have limited finances and could not otherwise afford to train. This opportunity is made available periodically at TMHI to help students and professionals in transition. If you are in these or similar circumstances, the TMHI Work/Study program has been designed with you in mind:

  • You may have just completed your graduate training and are in limbo while you accumulate internship or residency hours for licensure.
  • You may be transitioning from a job, a serious illness, the loss of a parent or child, a divorce or some other disruption in your life plan.
  • You may have just moved to a new geographic area and need to establish new professional referral sources.
  • You may be a veteran in transition – or the spouse of an active duty serviceman or woman who recently relocated a new city.

TMHI is a fast-growing company with many administrative and organizational needs. Work/Study program allows you to have complete access to the TMHI Advanced Certificate Program (49 training hours) in exchange for administrative work for the Institute (210 hours over 2 years). Scholar tasks involve a variety of tasks that can be accomplished at one’s computer (i.e., social media, social bookmarking, SEO, research, data entry, formatting, minor programming, marketing, press release writing) and attending monthly TMHI Scholar meetings.

We are delighted to engage bright, capable and eager Scholars to help us grow. Since 2009, we have graduated 14 Work/Study scholars who have formed an interactive Scholar community. Our Work/Study program then, is for individuals who not only have the circumstances outlined above, but also have most of these characteristics and abilities:

  • a high degree of attentiveness to detail
  • an over-riding sense of responsibility
  • an ability to work creatively and independently without close supervision
  • cooperative abilities to work in a team
  • well-developed writing skills
  • social media or web-related skills
  • have programming abilities
  • enjoy scholarship, organizing information and presenting it succinctly
  • ability to clearly express a reasonable financial need

TMHI Scholars must be in a position to commit at least 10 hours per week, complete weekly reports of work accomplished, and receive a 1099 for their work to be in accord with IRS reporting rules for work/study opportunities.

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