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Want to know the latest information and be able to access it anytime, anywhere? The TeleMental Health Institute helps you stay at the forefront of technology-related issues for the behavioral sciences by bringing you a new cutting-edge topic every month. A rich library of these talks are assembled for you below. Just click a title to see course description details and register. You will be given immediate access to accurate, clear and actionable information that you won’t find anywhere else – either in-person or online.



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How to Maximize Reimbursement for Telemental Health, Online Therapy & Distance Counseling

Skype & HIPAA-Compliant Alternatives: 30 Key Questions to Ask a Videoconferencing Vendor

Text Messaging: 12 Risk Management Considerations To Keep You Out Of Hot Water

Online Therapy and Telemental Health Job Opportunities: Carpe Diem!

How to Protect Your License when Practicing Telemental Health Anywhere, Including Over State and International Borders

Complying with Georgia Regulatory Board Telemental Health Requirements


7 Irrefutable Reasons Online Therapists Can Legally & Ethically Work from Home

Ethically Evaluating Apps for Your Clients & Patients

FREE and Low-Cost, HIPAA-Compliant Alternatives to Skype

How to Maximize Reimbursement for Telemental Health, Online Therapy & Distance Counseling (2-Hour Webinar)

What Do Your Clients / Patients Need to Know about Online Therapy?

Coaching: Is it Illegal / Unethical to Practice Over State Lines?

10 Good Reasons to Start Your Telemental Health Practice Now

14 Essential Telemental Health Informed Consent Elements (2-Hour Webinar)

HIPAA & HITECH Made Easy for Behavioral Health Professionals

Health Care Reform and Technology: A Conversation with Dr. West-Olatunji

Self-Help & Passive Income Generation — Legal & Ethical Strategies for Success

Skype and Related Practices Found Unacceptable by Oklahoma Medical Board

Quick & Easy Tips for Growing Your Practice through Online Marketing

10 Ways to Get Paid for Telemental Health & Online Therapy

Why Consider EHRs Now? An Electronic Health Record (EHR) Primer

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